• Believe in Unicorns

    This is a story about how we decide to launch our one-of-a-kind piñata as our 2nd product in our store.

    One year ago, I was shopping around for a cute piñata for my husband's birthday. To my dismay, it was extremely difficult to find a piñata that pass my expectation much less a unicorn design one. I decided to browse through Pinterest for ideas and eventually found one to DIY. 

    This was the piñata I single-handedly cut and made for the special occasion. Which we eventually didn't destroy cause I developed too much feelings for it.

    Sorry I digress. So when we were brainstorming ideas for our 2nd product, we thought, "Won't it be great if we can offer our customers a piñata that is both affordable to the wallet & a design that is cute enough to meet our expectations?". 

    Yes it sounds very much like a personal agenda but we truly believe both kids and adults alike deserve to experience the joy of celebrations with THIS magical unicorn. Also we got to admit this lil fellow makes the cutest table decoration, centrepiece or hanging decoration. 

    Don't you agree? If you do, get one and party on here!

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