• DIY Christmas Wreath and The Christmas Spirit

    Christmas is coming in 35 days. 

    There are so many things that we love leading up to Christmas; the slightly cooler (and wetter too!) weather, the festive spirits, the sparkly lights draped on equally beautifully decorated trees... The list can go on and on. 

    We spent the earlier part of this weekend shopping for greenery and foliages at the wet market because it is also the season of the year for us to make our Christmas wreath. As it is surprisingly easy to make, we decide to document it down for you to join us in creating a simple but beautiful wreath!

    What you need:

    • A Christmas playlist to get into the spirits - we use Spotify!
    • Assorted greenery and fleurs - we used eucalyptus leaves, baby's breath, leaves that look pretty similar to apidistra & cotton flowers
    • A gold hanging ring - we got ours from Spotlight
    • Floral wire - we got ours from the wet market's florist
    • Scissors or floral scissors - got to be sharp enough to cut the stalks and wire!

    Let's start making our wreath!

    Start by trimming your foliages and laying them out so that you can see each piece's length. Briefly lay out the leaves on your metal ring to plan out where you like them to sit. Once you are happy with the placement, start securing them on the metal ring with the floral wires. 

    Depending on how full you like your wreath to look, you can bundle two similar length leaves together prior to securing them on the leaves. It was what we did as well because we like it to look fuller. 

    Another tip for you guys is to overlay the 2nd stalk of eucalyptus with the 1st so that you can hide the floral wires!

    After you are satisfied with how the eucalyptus leaves look on the ring, you are done with the first layer! We start 2nd layer by making small bundles of the leaves with the baby's breath. For the ring we got, we pre-made about 6-8 bundles. 

    Once that's done, we start slotting each bundle into the wreath depending on where we think are a little emptier than the others. We then tied the bundle on the metal ring with the floral wires. 

    The last and also the 3rd layer would be the cotton flowers. We cut the cotton flowers off the stalk, making sure we cut a little stalk with it. You will be able to stick the floral wire into the stalk and make it easy to secure it on the ring. 

    Similar to the 2nd layer, find spots in the wreath you like your cotton flowers to be and secure it tightly on the ring. There is no hard and fuss rule about the number of flowers to use but general rule of thumb is to go with odd numbers! Trust us, it will look aesthetically more soothing when you choose odd number quantity, i.e. 3 or 5. 

    Now that you are happy and proud of your work, it's time to hang it up! Using a long piece of yarn, make a knot at the top and it will be ready for all to admire! Depending on the choice of foliage and fleur, your wreath will last for quite a while. It will also dry slowly and beautifully by the time Christmas is here. 

    As always, we would love to see your creations! So if you ever make your own wreath with our tutorial, tag your photos #lettersoireechristmas so that we can share the love and joy! 

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