• DIY Valentine Gift - Embroidered Instagram Photos

    Happy February! It's also the month where Valentine's/Galentine's Day falls. While we don't have the habit of gifting sweets or flowers to each other on this special day, we love the meaning behind it - spreading love to anyone in any way you can. It is also meaningful to let people you love know how much they mean to you.

    With that, we've thought of this simple DIY that you can make and give your family, gal pals, friends or basically anyone you want to bring a smile.


    What you need:  

    • Instagram prints (We printed ours from Parabo. Printforfun is another option you can consider!)
    • Embroidery needle (Or a sharp sewing needle should work too!)
    • Assorted colors of embroidery threads 
    • Pencil
    • Scissors
    • Optional: Sheet magnet

    * We're not affiliated or sponsored by any companies mentioned above and all materials are purchased by ourselves.

      How to make them:

      1. Using your pencil, lightly sketch the design you want to embroider on the photo. The things that you can draw is limitless i.e. a sun on a outdoor sunny photo or a simple heart to express love!
      2. With your embroidery needle, punch holes along your sketches. Remember to space the holes about 2-3mm apart.
      3. Select the thread color you like for your embroidery and start embroidering with a back stitch. You can Google/YouTube how to do a backstitch if you don't know how to :)
      4. We used three threads for this DIY. If you like thicker stitches, you can try four threads and 2 threads for thinner stitches. 
      5. Keep embroidering until you are finished with the design. To end your stitches, tie a knot at the back to secure. 
      6. Optional: If you like to display your prints on magnetic surfaces (i.e. fridge), you can cut appropriate size of sheet magnet that fits your photo dimensions and glue it on the back of the print.

      The bad news is you may prick yourself several times when doing this DIY. But the good news is that these doesn't take a lot of time to do and is very addictive. Once you start, you would want to embroider on any prints you got. Have fun!


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