• DIY Unicorn Christmas Ornaments

    We (ok more like just me) are obsessed with all things unicorn. And cotton candy, pom poms and things with smiley face but that's for another day.

    Do you also have a unicorn fan in your inner circle too? If so, you are at the right place! These are the perfect Christmas ornaments that are not just easy but also fun to make! 

    Here are the supplies you need:

    • Clear Irisdescent ball ornaments
    • Kraft paper cones
    • Gold Acrylic Paint
    • Black paint marker or a Sharpie!
    • Assorted stickers (flowers, embellishments, letters)
    • White and pink felt
    • Glue gun or strong adhesive glue

    Lets get started!

    To make the ears, cut out white and pink felt squares. Trim them down to look like ears and sizes proportionate to your ornament size. Glue them together and make a small cut at the bottom to create a "slightly folded ear" look when you stick them on the ornaments.

    To make the unicorn horns, we trim the paper cones slightly shorter as we prefer the horns to look cute on the ornament. Paint them over with several layers of gold acrylic paint and leave them to dry for an hour.

      Once the horns are dried, you can start assembling the unicorn ornaments!

      • Start by gluing the horns onto the ornaments. We place the horn right in front of the ornament cap. We used hot glue but any strong adhesive glue should work too.
      • Arrange the flower stickers around the horn and draw the eyes.
      • Paste the letter stickers on the back of your ornament if you wish to personalize it more.
      • Tie a string or ribbon and your ornament is all ready to be hang on the tree or gifting!

      As always, we would love to see your creations! So if you ever make your own unicorn ornaments with our tutorial, tag your photos #lettersoireechristmas so that we can share the love and joy! 

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